The Problem is the Focus

Or more specific, the problem is not only in the habit of having focus, since the habit hasn’t been developed well at all, but on what to focus on. Even if all the plans in the world are in front of you, not taking action or really, not following the guideline of focus itself, will failure set in. Also, doing everything that you want is not a good thing (jack of all trades, master of none). Read Don’t be a Donkey by Derek Sivers to remind you of this from time to time.

Though we fail to do what we need to do, it is not the end of the world. Rather, we should learn from our mistakes and rise up again and move on, still do the thing you want to do. Because that hasn’t disappeared; rather, the hunger has strengthened by carelessly not feeding it consistently enough.

So with the remaining time, I have decided to focus on…focus.

Activities will be limited to Blender and Zbrush. want to make it consistent but for now try to find the flow. As for learning, prepare for Java certification for now, then review other programming requirements as we go along.

These are the 3 that are most important to focus up to next year, and admittedly might still be slightly more. But I want to focus my learning for these 3. Probably via rotation and scheduling and the most important: doing.

Re-learning Blender

I am currently learning Blender after using it on and off for about 8 years now. This time I am taking it as a hobby, and hopefully I can improve my 3d skills further than before.

I was planning to learn it with the initial goal of maybe using it for some future game development or animation project, but lately I am not so sure yet. Doing those things are not as simple as I thought they would be given my opinion of my skills right now. I would need to know more about animations, color, texturing, drawing and painting, etc. and they cannot be skipped in the fastest time possible.

So I am taking a step back and just enjoying the experience and tutorials for now from Youtube, from a guy named Grant Abbitt ( The thing that I liked about his tutorials was they were small and short, maybe not enough for some beginners to learn but good for me who is coming back to learning it and having a refresher course on using blender.

I also want to learn Zbrush (I have Zbrush Core but I feel it might be limited, and has almost same features with the current Blender sculpting tools) but I have no money to currently buy the full version (since I also assembled a new PC). Well, I can still stick to Core in case or make do with blender sculpting.

A low poly set piece I made from following the tutorials of Grant Abbitt


Analysis Paralysis and Time

I have a big problem…

I tend to procrastinate because I want to do a lot of things given the time constraint.

When I think what I want to do, even if I have a plan, I tend to question it the next time, leading to me not doing anything at all.

Probably I am thinking ahead too much and forget to stick to my decisions instead of JUST DOING IT.

Reading the book The War of Art has given me ideas and inspiration on what is holding me back, and so far (though I don’t know if it is the main topic or not yet) there is something called Resistance.

And to do art (game, programming, whatever), you need to beat the hell out of the Resistance.

SO, I should probably be aware of this resistance when it occurs, and if need be, need to just do what is needed and stick to the plan.

It’s Now the Later Half of the Year. Time to Step Up!

This year has been a year that has brought me many teachings about life, however some of them I haven’t really applied yet to my life (because of my inherent procrastination, heh)

The main problem in my own life and lack of disciple thereof is that usually I start something but then later due to problems in life or money, I stop. I shouldn’t do that next time. If I want to be successful in anything, it is best to learn perseverance. The one idea that I had recently acquired from some other blog (Mark Manson I think 🙂 ) is that not thinking about the easiest way to success but what is the level of discomfort that you are willing to endure to succeed.

How Can You Explain the Difference between Null and Empty

For developers, the question might already be obvious, as experience makes us more aware of the answer, given any language. Or may have been discussed properly in Computer Science courses.

But may I ask, how do you explain it to non-developers? or even to beginners?

I heard a discussion among my team about it and someone said “You can look at it in terms of a drawer in a desk, it is empty if the drawer has no things inside it, it is null if the drawer itself is missing”.  It was simple but effective.

Thinking about the question actually made me realize the things that I can improve more in my developer life: If I could explain it to others in the most informal / layman’s terms possible, then I might conclude that I thoroughly understand the subject.

Hello world!

For the longest time,  I had an old blog at the site, intended to be updated regularly, but was instead neglected.

Feeling a need to hone my programming skills now and create a kind of personal brand, I had setup a DigitalOcean account to have my own ‘droplet’ server and then deploy a WordPress blog that you now see here. I had also bought a domain from 2 years ago, but just utilized it now after setting this blog up (costed me more by delaying using it but I would later explain why I reserved it). Would start writing here from now on.