1st Qtr 2020: More Action!

So far the year has been on a rollercoaster start. More on the world events that is.

Personally, not much has moved, but progress is ongoing. However, there needs to have adjustment again after realizing what I am really going for, all due to some recent revelations and dreams that I had.

For starters, the focus has been decided, but needs adjustment. I am still trying to do a lot of things, and there needs to be a reduction in scope.

So, I am dropping gamedev, and instead focus on art as one side of the hobby. I’ll be going back to UE4, with focus on using it for cinematics instead. 3d should still move, but will need more Zbrush side of things. and need to be serious with blender due to re subscribing to CGCookie. However, I’ll take a more serious and directed approach and not look into random tutorials to learn from there, and will try a minimum of probably 6 months evaluation.

By dropping game development, it will hopefully clear up my mind on indecision lately that really hindered my progress. Evaluating game engines to use instead of doing a game, and not really having a solid feel of making a game, only leads to like frustration and ending up not doing anything at all, which affects everything. And that feeling needs to stop. I’ve been too much emotional instead of practical, wasting time and effort, and might affect my performance at work and everyday life also.

So it is better to let it go. And just let it be. And let it simmer for a while, if I’ll be interested later on, let the Muse guide me. But for now, forget it.

So in place I’ll make programming part of hobby in addition to work. This is important because I need to level up my skills in programming. Sooner than later. So crash courses, reviews, etc. to fill up time not spent in art, instead of idle time. Also, needs to be relevant to work instead of random topics.

So in summary, drop gamedev, continue art hobby, add programming hobby to complement work, AND MORE ACTION!!!!

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