Focus and Action for 2020


Blender/ZBrush/UE4/Drawing/Writing, and Programming for work/hobby.

I know this is still a lot actually, so I am open to dropping some if they become boring or out of favor (except Zbrush and programming). Also, limiting the tutorials or learning material to the end goal of ideally combining 3d and gamedev, or at least improve 3d workflow to have skills for a cinematic or game production in the future. For blender/zbrush focus on 3d workflow to making 3d characters and/or robots/mechs, 2d animation fundamentals as stepping stone for Blender 3d animation, drawing as more of hobby and improve anatomy skills for 3d, programming to supplement work, like code katas, crash courses or fundamentals. Dropping gamedev for now.

Any additional tutorials or review materials not related to this will be scrapped, and plan is still subject to change. Remember to self, focus is saying no, and action is more important than just planning.

As the year ends, I will have a review of the tasks and plans that I did this year, which was admittedly, somewhat not that ideal.

There were more setbacks than achievements, However those achievements were actually beneficial enough that they inspire me to go on with my plans. As I had in my sticky (which I might also update / add to later), the problem is not much on the subjects at hand but on what to focus on….

Actually the problem is on the habit / trait of focus itself. My understanding of it was flawed, just as I had failed to understand my limitations and actual desires.

Before I would forget and might inspire me to come back later to this topic, What I really want ideally is to make a story; the gist was to have it 3d animated. For a lofty goal the skill itself is still far from me, and I admit my goal was to monetize it….

And it is still a head in the clouds thing, that I realized that I cannot really make a reality fully, based on my life experiences, desires and habits. As being somewhat lazy enough (which I desire to change), Time might be not enough for a full length CG film. So, maybe a micro short film or just produce animated characters for games might be the next plan…

So to summarize (and subject to change), the focus is wrong to “focus” on the subjects that I need to learn (which is A LOT), but to “focus” on what is the fastest to a viable MVP, which means to produce in spite of my means, skills, and habits / laziness thereof. Which, to focus on only what I can do best, and limit my scope.

In that matter, I will focus on mostly Zbrush and drawing (but to support ZBrush / 3d skills). Blender for hard surface, but possibly for rigging and animation only. Also, since I have decided previously to focus on NPR / Anime style / Stylized humanoids and mecha, so: realism as fundamentals for Zbrush and drawing, i.e. anatomy studies, and hardsurface in Zbrush/Blender. Rigging and animation? will only use 2d drawings and low poly models as reference for blender, but will major in modeling skills.

To summarize (which can be reduced / chang scope):

Things to learn are: Zbrush and drawing for fundamentals and anatomy. Blender general modeling, basic rigging and animation only. Grease pencil for 2d animation practice (stick figures are enough).

Goal: Animated stylized figurines, orig or fanart, no need to be animated; if animated, ideally stylized and for games, for small marketplaces

Timeline: long-term, subject to change/reduce scope, minimum is static figures

This is subject to reduce scope since not included here is programming lessons via gamedev and work. That is most priority, with gamedev more on the programming aspect (small 2d games) instead of something grand. The good thing is that in case I can generate original sprites via blender so I can still combine them later.

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