The Problem is the Focus

Or more specific, the problem is not only in the habit of having focus, since the habit hasn’t been developed well at all, but on what to focus on. Even if all the plans in the world are in front of you, not taking action or really, not following the guideline of focus itself, will failure set in. Also, doing everything that you want is not a good thing (jack of all trades, master of none). Read Don’t be a Donkey by Derek Sivers to remind you of this from time to time.

Though we fail to do what we need to do, it is not the end of the world. Rather, we should learn from our mistakes and rise up again and move on, still do the thing you want to do. Because that hasn’t disappeared; rather, the hunger has strengthened by carelessly not feeding it consistently enough.

So with the remaining time, I have decided to focus on…focus.

Activities will be limited to Blender and Zbrush. want to make it consistent but for now try to find the flow. As for learning, prepare for Java certification for now, then review other programming requirements as we go along.

These are the 3 that are most important to focus up to next year, and admittedly might still be slightly more. But I want to focus my learning for these 3. Probably via rotation and scheduling and the most important: doing.

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