Low Poly Race Car

As you can see, I have my banner a low poly race car, that I did using Blender 2.79.

I am currently following some tutorials on blender focused on low poly. This is to do them as fast as possible, and getting the needed skills in a short time.

Moving to intermediate or advanced lessons may take time, but need to be consistent first with practice.

Also, the goal is to practice skill and lessen tutorial dependencies. So following a certain level of skill, I might create an original piece later.

This isn’t even my Final Form (yet)


I had pruned my supposed schedule but made some changes…

For one thing, I’ll be focusing on my fundamental programming and art skills.

For now, I’ll be focusing on game fundamentals in HTML and learn Java standalone (due to work study on certification might be delayed to end September).

I’ve tried to not focus on fundamentals and notably, 2d game dev since even though I could miss some needed initial tricks I could probably learn them as I go, since I don’t want to waste my time stopping momentum on learning Blender.

But I figured, this was also limiting me in a psychological way, that because of that “requirement”, I was unconsciously getting myself in procrastinating things that I really want to do.

So, I’ll focus on Blender, I’ll retain my lessons there, but only on the low poly side. Any gamedev plans might be moved to next year, but the intended “game” concept is like dead cells (3d workflow in 2d) or like Strider 2.

To summarize what are the new plans, I have listed them below:

  1. Remove Zbrush and Unity / UE4 lessons (for now)
  2. Focus on Blender, basic first / low poly, then gradually increase to advanced lessons when inspired (more on game dev or animation workflow)
  3. HTML5 fundamentals then probably LibGDX then Unity3d, but defer further gamedev to next year for now (only fundamentals)
  4. Learn drawing using DrawABox methods / practices
  5. Java lessons on its own

This plan will be evaluated up to the end of the year, but overall will stick to this up to creating a small, polished game in Unity. Then reevaluate the next plan from that. The trick to the plan is even if it seems long, I’ll be hitting a lot of skills learned at the same time. Also by focusing on small skills at a time I could make use of no more zero days strategy.

*Note: article has been edited due to a sudden change of plan.

Needs Reevaluation Part 3+1

Shoutout to Rebuild of Evangelion, with the last movie coming up in 2020 (2 years’ wait!)

Okay, pruning’s done.

Technically I still haven’t readjusted my schedule (with procrastination, health and work ruining my pace) but I did some pruning, which would be a big deal in what I will be doing, and hopefully make for a better hobby / work life balance (and really doing something!!!)

The biggest thing that I removed was game development; Since I want to focus on my art skills (or lack of some) and programming skills not related to gamedev, it proved to be a blocking distraction and developed in me a false sense which led to procrastination (I can’t do this before doing this, etc.). It was holding me back, since I wanted something “fun” to learn while programming, and was “trying” to combine my hobby and programming skill development.

At the end of the day, I could combine them, but probably for the best not this time, maybe not even the next year. Because:

  1. I want to focus on 2d/3d art skills as a hobby,
  2. Improving programming skills do not need to be in the context of gamedev (and arguably, best to not be with gamedev first),
  3. I need to learn to focus on one at a time, so I can have separate time schedules for hobby and work to maximize learning pace, and
  4. I technically have no idea for a game this time (it’s more like I want to play games, but well that is another matter haha…)

I’ll probably have further updates on what will happen, but this is the best way to make of it (since I am also frustrated in a way my mind works, being distracted and not able to start anything, always analysis paralysis). Removing gamedev was hard at first, but thinking of plans for the past weeks shows this is the best strategy.

Needs Reevaluation Part 3

So, after some planning, I still think and realized that I still want to do too much with the given time span and schedule.

There is a big issue within me about maybe liking to do all things at once. 

And end up doing nothing at all (overwhelmed!!!)…

Maybe there will be a Part 4 (haha) but now what really needs is not ADDING and PLANNING…


Better to let go some things even if it is hard, to make something more realistic.