Needs Reevaluation Part 2


After posting that last article (a long time ago) and saying that I will do something, and end up doing nothing…

Typical me. 😉

Anyway, again a half year has passed. Being distracted by real life and some urgent matters (a.k.a. Fallout New Vegas) at the start of the year didn’t do any favors on my blogging plans, though I don’t really regret playing New Vegas by the way.

I haven’t really finished the whole game; I made the mistake of finishing all the DLC first and those were one of the best stories a video game has to offer and made the default campaign a slog to finish that I uninstalled the game for another day.

But now I want to focus on my plans to make the story that I want. We had a recent seminar on time management and it was rather amusing in that it didn’t focus on managing time per se, but more on managing oneself. It had awakened a guilty conscience within me that I was basically wasting time in not taking action, in fact delaying the story since there is really no urgency for anything. The wrong thing that I might have concluded then is that this is a lifetime thing; hence believing that yes, forever can wait.

There are 3 new realizations before I would “restart” again:

  1. This is primarily a hobby and not a “life or death” situation; treating it previously so have only hampered my desire to do it due to my unfounded fears and anxiety,
  2. I might not become rich of famous from this but THAT IS GONNA BE FINE

Ok, about the 3rd line, there is a small stumbling block that I might have to pass through to overall restart, and that is to really, evaluate what I do really want to do: a story in a GAME, MOVIE or NOVEL format.

I have an idea but that is a post for another day.

ALSO, from now I’ll be updating this blog constantly, documenting most of my day and probably random topics again, but later be more focused on certain topics.